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Superior Scribbler!!

There’s a new award floating around in blogland and I was honored to receive it not once, but THREE times (I think it’s because it has taken me so long to post that I received the first one!  Whoops!)




All my thank you’s …

First off, thank you to the fantabulous Lindsay, over at For The Love Of Oats!  Her morning oats are so loaded with good stuff that it makes my mouth happy just looking at the pics!  She recently got chosen to select the new BSI and she picked PUMPKIN!  That makes her really flippin’ cool – #1 in my book!

Second, a big thank you to Caitlin, my favorite bride, at See Bride Run.  She always has delicious meals – breakfasts, lunches AND dinners, plus she is loaded with great health and fitness tips.  She’s also getting hitched in 47 days, so her life is full of interesting stories of wedding planning bliss!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Michelle, my new blogger friend, at Strong and Healthy for presenting me with this fun award.  Michelle is off to a great start and I really enjoy reading about her dinner creations and daily adventures.  I love her packed lunches/snacks she prepares for work everyday – they are always super healthy and of great variety!  Thanks Michelle!

I would also like to thank ALL my fantastic readers!  My joy of writing is intensified by knowing you are out there each and every day, reading about all my craziness.  I get a little loopy at times, so thanks for hanging in there! 🙂


Here are the rules that come along with this great award:

1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link to me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating post here
4. Pass it on to five deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

As I mentioned above, I received my first award several days ago – Saturday, to be precise – from Lindsay.  Since then I’ve noticed it has shown up on several of the blogs that I read and now I don’t know who’s been hit and who hasn’t?!  These things spread like wild fire, ya know.

I’ve decided to throw the names of 5 great blogs out there … if you’ve been hit, that’s ok, I still think you’re great, but you obviously don’t have to pass it on again … if you haven’t been awarded, please take a moment, relish in your achievement and then pass it on!! 🙂


1. Veggie Girl– she’s one great baker … and a VEGAN baker, at that!!  Mmm … she’s always got something warm and delicious coming out of that kitchen of hers!  Besides her baking skills, she is the best darn commenter I’ve even seen…she’s everywhere!  Seriously.  She always brings a smile to my face with her bright and cheery words.  She’s a gem!

2. Running with a Recipe Sammie‘s breakfast “messes” are no mess in my book.  She can make ’em look downright delicious with all the good things she throws in there.  Her adorable son, Declan, is always present on her posts, which I think is fantastic.  They do so many fun things together – it’s very refreshing!

3. Care to Eat – these gals, Erin and Andrea, are the two wittiest chicas eva.  Their posts are always entertaining and lighten any mood.  Their daily eats are always so creative, colorful, healthy and super delish looking!  These two are top notch!! 

4. Balance, Joy and Delicias Coco is amazing!  She’s super positive, always cooking up something new, asking brilliant questions and an all-around class act!

5. Lonely Sidecar – where to begin?!  There is so much to say about the fabulous MacDuff and her sidekick, Jonny T.  First, off, any dish produced in their kitchen looks A-MAZ-ING.  Their commentary is pee-a-little-in-your-pants hysterical and their general outlook on life is one ride you don’t want to miss.  If you haven’t hit up their blog, do it.  Do it now.  You won’t be sorry!!!

And my extra credit, ‘cuz I’m that kind of chump …

6. To all the blogs out there I read and comment on (you know who you are) – I think you are all wonderful and my life seems a little more full with your words of wisdom (and delicious eats) in it! 

Ok, that’s enough sap for one morning – it’s time to wrap this one up …

Cheers people!  Thanks again!!



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Every Day

I wanted to take some time and care with writing this very special post, so I apologize for the tardiness … I am super appreciative and elated at the special honors I have received. 



On Sunday, the FAB.U.LOUS Julz, over at Simple and Divine, presented me with this award and much bloggie love.  I am so honored to receive this great recognition, especially since I have not been around for very long. 

I knew that I was embarking on an adventure when I started this blog.  What I didn’t know was that I was going to become a part of an AMAZING community full of caring and supportive people …

Every day a new encouraging comment awaits me and leaves a smile on my face. 

Every day I read the daily doings of someone I’ve never even met and feel excited for them as they share their story. 

Every day I am challenged to turn my thoughts into words to present to those that anxiously await. 

Every day is a new day with new ideas, new experiences and new encounters.

Blogging has become a part of who I am.  I always knew I had a lot to say verbally … I’m always blabbing about one thing or another (poor Devin), but I never knew that I would find such joy in expressing myself through words.  The fact that I can base all my words around my love of cooking and my love of fitness make it that much better!

So, I thank you, Julz, for passing on the best award eva!  And to all the amazing blog readers out there, THANK YOU for being there each and every day.  I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to say how much your kind words mean to me!

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