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Our “Not-Pasta” Dinner

I got hungry for my snack today around 4:15, while I was at work.  I packed a seltzer and a Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar.

Peanut Butter Cookie was ok – definitely not my favorite of the Luna Bars.  It had no distinguishing taste to it, unlike the Chocolate Nut Brownie.  Now that’s a good Luna Bar!  😉 

While I was at work, I was able to touch base with Kath from Kath Eats Real Food via e-mail.  She is a fellow GOTR coach (at another school) and I met her at our coach’s training.  Her blog, which I learned about at the class, was the inspiration of the very blog that I am writing.  She has an awesome site that I recommend for everyone to check out.  She offered to add my blog to her Blog Roll, which is very exciting to me since it could encourage future readers!  Thanks Kath!

Dinner tonight was a “pretend” pasta dish based around the spaghetti squash I cooked earlier.  Spaghetti squash becomes stringy when cooked, resembling spaghetti noodles.

In a skillet, I lightly cooked the following and then added to the tomato sauce that I made on Saturday:

  • 2 baby zucchini, sliced
  • 1 grated carrot
  • Handful sliced mushrooms
  • ~ 1/4 c. each frozen peas and frozen corn

I mixed the veggie/tomato sauce with the spaghetti squash and the last of a log of goat cheese (maybe 1 oz??)  I popped the dish in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Served with a spinach salad –

Whenever I make spaghetti squash for dinner, we always feel as if we really ate a giant bowl of pasta.  It is super hearty and filling.  It hasn’t settled in my stomach yet, which means I probably ate too much.  I couldn’t help it though … it was so good!

Recently, I had done some research on top-selling health books and was able to find several of them at the library.  I am currently reading SuperFoods HealthStyle by Steven G. Pratt.  I think I need to settle in and read for awhile before bed tonight.  As mentioned, I found several books that need to be read-

Whew, I got some reading to do!  Good night!


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