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Nuts Over Blueberries

It’s been another one of those days … run, run, run, no time to post, run, run, technical difficulties, GOTR, feeling ill??  Whoa … that just made me stop dead in my tracks!  What’s going on here?!   

I certainly hope I am just feeling the effects of running around in the bone-chilling temperatures with the girls for an hour today.  Seriously, it is bad-word-cold here today.  It probably wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have the 20-30 mph wind gusts.  It’s currently 35 degrees, but feels like 28. 

Hi, my name is Jen and I live in North Carolina, where it’s sunny and warm all year round.  Ha.  I should’ve known better.  Guess that’s why I flunked geography … maybe I was thinking of Florida?!  Minnesota’s got nothing on this place.  We just don’t get the snow. 

Actually, I digress … MN is pretty darn frigid for a pretty long darn stretch of time.  I can remember a Halloween from my childhood when I went trick-or-treating during a blizzard.  Heck ya … can’t keep this mamjama from her sweet treats!  And, by the way, I wasn’t the only crazy kid out that night.  We just didn’t know any better.

Now, let me take you all the way back to this morning …


I enjoyed a fantastic bowl of 1/2 cup Grape Nuts and 1/2 cup granola with frozen/thawed blueberries and vanilla soy


I had to run out the door, so no workout this AM.  My plan was to save it for tonight, but since I’m feeling as blue as my morning fruit, I think I will skip the workout and enjoy some down time (aka reading blogs.)

I knew I was going to run late with lunch, so I grabbed my fav Z-Bar to hold me over –


Can anyone give me a review of the Chocolate Brownie bar??  Just curious …


When I finally got back in, I was in the mood for something warm, so I whipped together a quick bowl of soup with leftovers found in the fridge –



This combo included:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 tbsp. tomato paste
  • Leftover lentil pilaf
  • S&P
  • FF feta

It was the perfect flava for this day!  Mmm mm good!! 

The bread on the side was a new purchase at TJ’s – Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane.  The description on the front included these words which sold me … “a crisp crust and chewy interior.”   ‘Nuf said.  Really, it’s true.

I am really picky when shopping for our carb items.  By which I mean, I won’t buy any product that contains enriched flour of any kind.  Processing the grain(s) to that degree robs that food off all natural nutritional value and, if that’s the case, I just don’t see the point in us eating it.  Hear me?

Anywho, that’s another reason why this bread is SO great!  It is 100% whole wheat.  Boy, oh, boy, I just love TJ’s! 😀


I also had a strawberry Chobani with a spoon of TJ’s Chocolate Decadence granola



If you have been eyeing this box of cereal during your shopping trips, I must warn you – it’s extremely addictive!  But really worth it!! 😉


Be back in just a bit with dinner!  Ciao!





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Sun’s A Peeking

Good morning!  I was up bright and early today … I turned on like a light bulb a little after 6:00.  The wind was blowing pretty hard, which was making the whole house whistle.  As I sit here, I can see the sun making it’s best attempt to break free from the clouds.  Come on, sun … you can do it!!  It is no doubt that my mood tends to go downhill when it’s been gloomy for several days.  I’m ready to snap out of it – fo’ sho.

I was hungry pretty quickly after waking, so I dove into a bowl of Grape Nuts with Kashi Heart 2 Heart and sliced banana



Last night, we met Devin’s parents at a new restaurant they had been wanting us to try –


I started with one of these –

I was surprised the Winter Lager is here!!  I shouldn't be though ... it IS the middle of November already!!

I was surprised the Winter Lager is here!! I shouldn't be though ... it IS the middle of November already!

 And ordered this –

Pulled chicken with BBQ sauce on sourdough with cole slaw

Pulled chicken with BBQ sauce on sourdough with cole slaw

I left the sandwich open-faced and used my fork to eat it.  I didn’t end up eating the top piece of bread, as one piece was plenty filling.  Devin and I split the cole slaw and his side of BBQ baked beans.  The food was good – we cleaned our plates! 🙂


After we left, it was still pretty early, so we grabbed a cup of joe to-go and ran into Marshall’s for a quick browse.  We came out shortly after, empty handed, and decided to head on home.  While it wasn’t late at all, I was SUPER tired, so I plopped my bum on the couch and dozed until it was time to drag it on to bed.

While it is still overcast, the weather is quite warm – almost 70 degrees – and I have a desire to take a nice, long walk this AM.  Think I will go now …

Have a great Saturday, folks!

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Quick & Boring

Good Morning!  I hate to rush, but it’s one of those kind of days … and a Monday at that.

Yesterday’s celebration was also bittersweet.  As we were celebrating Fannie’s 92 glorious years, we were also saddened by the passing of one of her children, Barry, on Friday. 

Barry had been suffering from multiple health problems over the last several years, so even though we mourn his lost presence, we are happy that he is now in a better place.

We will be attending his memorial service this afternoon and then joining the rest of the family for a light lunch afterwards.  Needless to say, my usual lunch post will be delayed.

Thinking about it, this whole week may be rather funky, lunch post-wise.  I’m not busy with work so I have offered to help my in-law’s around their house … re-painting a room and raking leaves! 

I love, love, love to paint!  I actually get the itch to paint.  I’ve painted every room in my house myself, with the exception of our two-story foyer.  I’m yet to figure out how I can get that one done without hiring someone to do it??  Devin will come home one day to find me rappelling from the ceiling!  Ha!  No, probably not … that one will have to be hired out.  Bumma.  My mom-in-law loves to paint as well.  When she asked me if I was interested in helping, I jumped right on board!

Raking leaves doesn’t bother me in the least bit … I spent many o’ day raking leaves as a young tot.  We don’t really any trees in our actual yard, so we don’t ever have to rake.  We have a protected reserve behind our house that has many beautiful trees, but none of their leaves fall into the yard either. 

The protected reserve behind our house with pretty trees!

The protected reserve behind our house with pretty trees!

Now my in-law’s yard is nothing but trees.  I’ll say I have my work cut out for me!  😀

I’m really looking forward to spending some good quality time with them … I couldn’t have asked for better in-law’s!!  They are the best!  They live about 25 minutes from where we live, so fortunately we get to see them quite often.

It was another quick breakfast this morning, but it tasted so good –


  • 1/2 cup Grape Nuts
  • 1/2 cup Kashi Heart 2 Heart
  • Wheat berries
  • Sliced banana
  • Frozen/thawed blueberries.
  • Vanilla soy

I really think I get the same amount of joy from cold cereal for breakfast as I do with a warm bowl of oats.  I’m just a huge fan of any type of breakfast, so as long as I have it, I’m a happy gal!

Have a great day!  See you later …

(This post didn’t turn out to be so quick … go figure!  That’s what happens when these finger’s get typin’!)


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A Great Start

G’morning!  It was a late night for A LOT of people, so hopefully everyone is hanging in there. 😀

So far, I’m off to a great start … the granola is already in the oven baking away. 

Here’s a sneak peak –


I mentioned last week that I wanted to add a new ingredient to the mix – pumpkin!  I added 1/2 cup plus 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice to my granola as listed on my “Recipe” page.  Ohhh, I also added ~3/4 tbsp. maple syrup.  That should really pump it up to give it a rich fall taste.  Because of this addition, I decreased the brown sugar to 1/8 cup.  I can’t wait to try this new combination!

For breakfast this morning, I settled on a bowl of cereal slop –


Now to what went in my fabulous bowl …

  • 1/8 cup Grape Nuts
  • 1/2 cup Kashi Heart 2 Heart
  • 1/2 cup TJ’s Organic Morning Lite
  • Chopped mixed nuts
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin
  • Vanilla soy (not pictured – I don’t like soggy cereal!)


The clothes that I was dreading putting away last night took me all of 5 minutes to get done.  Ha!  I find it so funny that I procrastinate over the simplest of things sometimes most of the time!! 

So, I ask you, my friends …

What simple thing do you put off doing until the last minute?

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