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Curry It Up

The treadmill won.  I just didn’t feel like dodging puddles while I ran today.  Besides, I got to finish an episode of Dexter that I had started (Showtime on Demand.)  Has anyone seen that show?  It’s really good – a bit dark and a bit witty.

I ended up running for 45 minutes, which is good since I don’t really enjoy the treadmill when I could be outside.  The treadmill is great in the winter.  I normally TiVo a bunch of shows so I have plenty to keep me entertained.

I just got my newest toy in the mail yesterday – the Nike+ iPod Sports Kit.

It has a sensor that tracks your every step, plus a receiver that plugs into your iPod to record the data.  It also provides AUDIO feedback while you are running to tell you your time, distance, pace and calories burned.  How cool is that!?!  It also allows you to keep a log of your workouts on the computer.  I’m in heaven!

The only downfall is that it was made exclusively for the Nike+ running shoe, which has a little pocket for it under the insole.  I don’t wear Nike shoes when I run. 

Does anyone have one of these and does not use Nike shoes?

The reason I went ahead and purchased this without the correct shoes is that I have seen little cases for them that attach to any shoes’ shoelaces.  That is what I need to find next … probably online.  I’m so excited to use it – it’s a bummer I have to wait! 

Lunch today was a Curry Vegetable Stir Fry –

Also with a thin slice of Light Brie Cheese & TJ’s Pretzel Slims –

And 1/2 cob of corn –

Here’s what went into the stir fry … sweet potato spears, zucchini, celery, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli slaw, frozen okra, frozen bell peppers, wheat berries, 1 tsp. EVOO, 1 tsp. curry powder and a sprinkle of salt.  It was really satisfying!

Update on the sun: it’s back!  😛


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