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Tart ‘N Tangy

Hi all.  Thank you for your well wishes.  I am feeling a bit better this AM.  I’ve got plenty of meds running through this body … the good ol’ preventative stuff to make sure the bugs stay away.

I slept WAY in until 8:30.  I suppose that came from a mix of medicine-induced sleepies and my three-hour stint of insomnia last night between 12:30am – 3:30am.  Ugh.  I just hate when those nights creep up on me.  I ended up watching back-to-back reruns of Without A Trace


Warm granola with cranberry-orange sauce, banana, flax, wheat berries and soy

B: Warm granola with cranberry-orange sauce, banana, flax, wheat berries and soy



Since my day ended up being rather uneventful, aka BORING, I thought I would share with you the many wonderful benefits of the fabulous CRANBERRY.   It just so happened that I enjoyed them with 2 out of my 3 meals yesterday. 

Did you know that the cranberry is cousin to the blueberry??  The tart winter counterpart has long been known to reduce the risk of UTI’s, but new research is now showing that cranberries may promote gastrointestinal and oral health, prevent the formation of kidney stones, lower cholesterol, aid in stroke recovery and even help prevent cancer.


Open-faced sammich with turkey, chickpeas, cranberries and Swiss plus carrots and no-sug applesauce

L: Hot open-faced sandwich (turkey, chickpeas, cranberries and Swiss) with carrots and no-sug applesauce


Did you know that cranberries have also been called “bounceberries,” because the ripe ones bounce??  Fresh cranberries contain the highest level of nutritional benefit during their peak months of October through December.  When their short season has past, look for the continued benefit of this antioxidant-rich fruit in the form of juice, dried or frozen berries.

Information above was collected at various sites on the internet, including WHFoods and MSNBC.


Since Devin partook in the Monday Night Football activities gracing uptown Charlotte last night, dinner plans got changed to service one solo diner … me.


Curry Mixed Vegetables with Chickpeas

Curry Mixed Vegetables with Chickpeas


Since I had the run of the roost, I decided to kick my vegetarian side into high gear and cooked up a huge bowl of frozen vegetables, seasoned with yellow curry.  That’s all this gal needed … I was pleasantly satisfied after finishing this gourmet meal for one. 

Rest of the night = couch, blanket, Charlie Brown Christmas, bed


I want to give proper mention to a fantastic new contest being hosted by the rockin’ Jenn, also known as Bender, over at eating bender …

The folks over at Vita Mix have supplied her with the mother of all blenders, the Vita-Mix Super 5200, to give away to one lucky blog reader. 

People, this is the real deal.  This blender will put all others to shame.  Trust me here … we own one.  It not only will blend your smoothies into that creamy consistency you’ve always longed for, but it will also whip up soup, ice cream, fondue, grind grains and the list goes on.  More information and contest rules can be found here

Good luck!


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Making A Dent

Happy day!  My track record the past couple days hasn’t been so good, but I’ve finally managed to make a small dent in my day’s to-do list which includes:

  • Plan weekly menu – check
  • Christmas decorations – well … I’ll go with half a check – see below for explanation!
  • Weights – check
  • Grocery store
  • Finish invitations
  • BSI recipe

Ok, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really has taken me up until now to get the first three things accomplished!!  I need to buckle down and get busy!

Most of my time today was spent with the decorating … I had to pull everything out of the bins, look over it all, place it where I thought it should go, pull it all down, declare I’m buying all new holiday decor, get scolded by husband, put it all back in place, put the empty bins back in the attic … whew!  

We still haven’t gotten the lights on the trees … Devin’s pretending to be distracted by the football game(s) on TV.  That’s ok – I won’t allow him food, drink or sleep until I am graced by pretty, sparkling lights on my monstrous Christmas tree.  Isn’t that cruel?!  😀


Even though I am still without bananas, I went all-in for a bowl of warm cold cereal mush this morning –


With chopped apple and homemade cranberry sauce

With chopped apple and homemade cranberry sauce


It had been too many days without it and I was starting to feel the effects of withdrawals – insatiable hunger, irritation, shaky hands … you know, the whole nine.

I really like the tartness the cranberries brought to the bowl and I look forward to having them again … with my darlin’ banana.  I just know that combination will be tres delish!

I’ve given in to the last bit of leftover Shepherd’s Pie and wrote that in for dinner tonight – plus that will keep me from having to go to the grocery store in this NASTY weather.  I’d rather go tomorrow when it’s not raining … hopefully the gray will be gone by then!

Lunch today was a simple plate of the following goodies –



  • Morningstar Black Bean Burger on a whole wheat wrap with romaine, onion, ketchup and mustard
  • Steamed edamame – so fun to eat!
  • 1/2 Golden Delicious

Oh no … I just thought of something … if I don’t go to the store today, I won’t have bananas for the morning!  Whoa.  Major dilemma.  What’s a girl to do?

I will have to think through my banana-acquiring game plan while baking my BSI recipe entry, Pumpkin Walnut Oatmeal cookies!

Peace out, fancy people.


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