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So, I was all ready to whip up Chicken Cacciatore for Craving Ellie in My Belly tonight … then the husband called around 4:00 (yes, I mean 3 hours ago) to tell me that he had been summoned to a business dinner tonight.  My first instinct was to whine and complain about this last minute change of plans.  I mean, we’re talking about my carefully thought out meal plan here.  But … in this tough economy, I can’t even start to complain.  Business is business.  Take it where you can get it.

Needless to say, since I was Hans Solo tonight, I decided to push off the Cacciatore to tomorrow night.  Tonight you get a little bit of this …


Chicken + Vegetable Noodle Soup



Chock full of onions, celery, carrots, zucchini, corn, parsley, whole wheat thin spaghetti pieces and a little bit of chicken for added protein.  Mmm.  Now we’re talking.  That’s my type of meal. 

I had originally planned to make this soup early in the week for lunches, but now I’m happy that I will have it for the weekend.  I love me some soup.


And since I’m such a slacker, I also give you this …


Last night’s Vegetable Fritatta



This one is pretty self-explanatory as well … 1 1/8 c. egg substitute, spinach, zucchini, onion, red bell pepper, and mushrooms.  As you know, breakfast for dinner is a favorite in this household.


I always try to give credit where credit’s due, so I have to give a shout-out to Tina, over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Tina girl, I went after your treadmill workout (the running segment) today and it kicked my behind.  I loved it!  I highly recommend it to anyone out there that’s interested … there’s also a walking workout attached as well.  It’s amazing how much you can sweat when you change things up a bit.  It’s good stuff.


Alright, as you all know, Thursday is our TV marathon night and just because my partner-in-crime is MIA, doesn’t mean I’m gonna miss my favorite shows!! 

Hasta la vista, babes.  Does everyone have a fun weekend ahead?!


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Let’s Just Call It “EBLT”

Hey all you snazzy peeps.  This is going to be another quicky ‘cuz I’m super sleeps AGAIN tonight.  The cat decided that it was time for her breakfast way, way, way too early this morning and started launching herself upon us at an obscene hour.  Devin just kept right on snoozing away … I think a freight train could roll over him and he wouldn’t wake up.  I, on the other hand, was up like a light bulb.  BING.  So, what do I do??  I get up, feed the princess and start writing about barley.  Ahh, the life of a foodie, I swear.


Dinner tonight was as easy-peasy as it gets …

EBLT  -or-  Egg, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich



I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please just let me know.  

Actually, I have a question for all of you … what was the best meal you’ve had so far this month??   Curious minds want to know.

Happy night!


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Wacky Waffles



Yes, that’s right.  We’re halfway there, ladies and gents.  Can you believe that next week will bring us Christmas?!  Well, since I’m in complete denial that the holiday is here, I need to make this post super quick, ‘cuz I’ve got SO much to do this day.

For din din last night, I went with another yum-o Rachel Ray recipe, called Eggs Florentine Get Wacky With Waffles –




While preparing this one, I made a few minor modifications to her original recipe.  As I was eating away, I thought of a few more that would make it better for the next go round …

Here’s the low-down (including what I would change):

  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 2 cups chopped fresh spinach
  • S+P (I would omit the salt next time – there is plenty from other sources)
  • Grated nutmeg (I would omit completely and sub with ground cayenne, crushed red pepper or hot sauce instead)
  • 1 tbsp. flour
  • 1/2 cup low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup fat free milk
  • 4 frozen whole grain waffles (Dev + I both agreed that toasted English muffins would be WAY better – plus fit the bacon better)
  • 4 slices Canadian bacon
  • 3 eggs + 3 egg whites
  • 1 roma tomatoes, sliced
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Hot sauce, for sprinkling over top


Preheat oven to broil.  In a skillet, saute the onion in a small amount of oil, about 3-4 minutes.  Add fresh spinach, pepper and spice of choice (my recommendation – crushed red pepper); saute until the spinach is wilted.  Add flour and stir well to coat, then add chicken broth and milk.  Bring up to a boil, reduce heat and allow to simmer until thick.  Be sure to check on and stir this often.

Toast waffles to desired toasty-ness.  In a separate skillet, brown bacon slices on each side, 1-2 minutes per side.  Set aside and keep warm.  Beat eggs with a small amount of water and add to same skillet that the bacon was in previously.  Cook eggs, stirring frequently to desired doneness.

To assemble – start with the toasted waffles on the bottom, top each with spinach mixture, then add bacon.  Over bacon, add eggs, then tomato slices and grated cheese.  Place under broiler until browned and bubbly.  Enjoy!


This was good, but I think with the changes I mentioned above, this recipe would be great.  It was very filling … so much so, that I wasn’t even scouring the pantry for a late night snack.

I’m off to take a little jaunt on the treadmill and then I can get started on my mile long to-do list.  Oh bother.

We are staying home for the holidays this year.  Are you traveling?  Where are you going??

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Howdy!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.  It has been a perfectly, relaxing day in this household … I didn’t even leave the house until 3:30 and Devin hasn’t left at all today.  We’ve been supa bums and lovin’ every second of it.  It is a cold, rainy day here in the Carolinas, so it was the excuse we were looking for to hid under a blanket and watch Legends of the Fall on TV … plus college ‘ball … and golf … and SportsCenter … hence, the reason I escaped when I did.  That was enough testosterone in one sitting for me.

I actually didn’t fully partake in the watching of all that action-packed entertainment, but I did manage to catch up on my blog reading – HOORAY!  I’ve really felt disconnected from blogging too many times this week … I guess that’s just what happens when life gets busy. 😦


Since I couldn’t imagine eating another bowl of cereal without a banana (flashback to yesterday’s lonely bowl of Grape Nuts, H2H and raisins – so sad), I decided to make a special breakfast for the husband and I …


Egg white sammie on a toasted whole wheat muffin with Morningstar "sausage" patty

Egg white sammie on a toasted TJ's whole wheat muffin with a Morningstar "sausage" patty

Chobani vanilla with chopped apple, pom seeds and a juicy clem

Fruit & yogurt parfait: Chobani vanilla with chopped apple, pom seeds and a juicy clementine


Needless to say, all this lounging around hasn’t put a dent into the monstrous disaster I’ve made of our house with all the Christmas decorations strewn about.  I guess that’s what Sundays are for.  The nasty weather is to remain, so I will hold myself hostage in the house until all the mess is cleaned up.  I can’t wait to take a picture of our soon-to-be fabulous tree for everyone to see!

For lunch, we once again tackled the leftovers in the fridge … mine consisted of leftover pizza from last night and CEiMB mac & cheese




Our lunch was rather late since breakfast held us over so well.  As soon as I was done eating, I forced myself to get in the shower and get out of the house for a bit … I was feeling a little hermit-y.  Word o’ the day.

We needed clear lights to finish one of the bushes outside, plus envelopes for our Holiday Party invitations, so I was off on a mission.  It was close to 4:00 by the time I got to my first stop and I was amazed at how many people were still out and about so late in the afternoon.  I guess I figured everyone would hit the stores early and I would have the run of the river.  Not so … two shopping cart collisions later and I was out the door.  Enough is enough.  One shopping cart collision is all my scatterbrain can handle per outing.  I did get the lights though, so at least I got ONE thing accomplished today.

I started thinking about dinner while I was out and knew that I wanted to use up the leftovers in the fridge.  I’ve had my share of everything Thanksgiving now and I’m ready to move on to our normal eats again.  I’ve had enough carbs in the last few days to carry me into next year!!  Seriously.  I mean, who eats pizza and mac & cheese at the same time?!  It was good though … 😀


When I got home, I immediately went to the computer and began googling different recipe ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers … the one that struck me was Rachel Ray‘s version of Shepherd’s Pie with ground turkey and sweet potatoes.  I didn’t end up using her recipe, but the idea was born to create my own version of Shep’s Pie with what we had on hand –


Thanksgiving Leftover Shepherd's Pie

Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd's Pie


Here’s everything that got thrown in:

  • ~1 cup leftover stuffing
  • Frozen peas
  • Frozen okra
  • 1 thinly sliced carrot
  • 1/4 cup onion, diced
  • 2 cups turkey, cubed
  • 1/2 can Cream of Mushroom soup
  • ~1/2 cup turkey broth
  • 1 large sweet potato, cooked and mashed with 1/4 cup ff milk
  • S&P, to taste


Before the sweet potato topping ...


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Saute all the veggies in a small amount of EVOO, then add the stuffing, turkey, C of M soup and broth.  Once heated throughout, place in a casserole and top with the mashed sweet potatoes.  Bake for 20-25 minutes.




Mmm mm mmm!  As you can see from the first picture, I topped mine with some homemade cranberry sauce.  So good.  So many different flavors and textures! 

The only problem … I have leftovers from our leftovers!!!!  That wasn’t suppose to happen … 

I’m out.  Have a lovely evening!

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Scrambled And Rambled

Good Mornin’!  I’ve been running around for quite a while (months, in fact) with the worst knot ever in my back – just to the right of my left shoulder blade.  Devin has tried so many times to rub it out, I’ve applied heat, muscle creams, etc., all to no avail. 

The pain has been really bad the last few days, so I’ve finally decided to go see a massage therapist in hopes that he can rub it out.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!  My plans changed with my going back to my in-law’s house, so I made the appointment for today at 1:00. 

Ya know, a massage is just one of those things that you really enjoy having done when you are finally laying on the table, but getting there is such a challenge.  I kept putting this appointment off, when I’ve known for quite some time that I needed to go.  It’s almost as if the pain just had to get to that point in order for me to throw my hands up and yell “Uncle.”

I’ve decided to NOT workout today to give my backside the rest that it is telling me it needs.  I’m really anxious this morning, for some reason, so it’s been difficult to lay low.  I’ve just been rambling around the house.

When I was reading blogs this morning, I stumbled across a picture of homemade apple butter on one of Lauren‘s posts and I started craving it …

What goes best with apple butter?  Yep, peanut butter!  And what else?  A TJ’s WW British Muffin!  What goes good with a muffin?  EGGS! 

Without further ado, my breakfast –

Scrambled egg whites with chives, toasted muffin with AB & PB and sliced nanner

Scrambled egg whites with chives, toasted muffin with AB & PB and sliced nanner


Nom nom nom.  Good stuff.  I’m off to ramble around the house for a little while longer …


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Time For A Break

Morning!  I got so wrapped out in browsing the world wide web this morning, that I completely forgot about breakfast until I was so insanely starving!  I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, so I figured a bit of everything would do …

“Poached” Egg Whites with a dressed Muffin and Fresh Fruit

I use one of those microwave egg gizmos to give my egg whites that “poached” texture.  Love it – such a breeze to use!

As for the TJ’s muffin, I couldn’t decide between regular apple butter or pumpkin butter, so I thought I would live life on the edge today and go with both!  Ha!

A 1/2 sliced banana and a dry plum rounded out the meal … thankfully, only one plum left.  I may decide to cook it and use as a topping for oatmeal.  Otherwise, it’s just not that appealing.  I like ’em juicy!

My plan for the day is to go for a run (as soon as I am done writing) and then I’m off to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens with my friend, Amy, to watch butterflies descend to the Orchid Conservatory.  How pretty?!  I’ll do my best to snap some good shots …

As for the evening, not sure yet … possibly dinner and drinks??  

Enjoy your day!

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Tick Tock

Morning all!  I can’t believe in less than 24 hours it will be tri-time!  It seems to have gotten here so fast.  I am quite anxious and can feel some butterflies starting to churn.

I have quite a bit to do today to get ready for our dinner party, plus my early-morning departure tomorrow.  I have started to put together a list all the things I will need to bring with me for the race … wow, it’s getting quite lengthy!

This is what I have down so far …

  • Suit
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Race Number Belt
  • Towel
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt (in case it’s really chilly!)
  • Tank
  • Ball Cap
  • Bike – of course!  I don’t want to forget that!!!

I hope that’s it … I’m going to need a suitcase for everything I’m bringing!  Ha!

I am already working on our bread loafs for tonight’s meal – the Two-Seed Wheat loaf is rising in the bread maker at the moment.  I love using the bread maker to get things started and then I like to actually bake the bread in the oven.  The break maker gives the final product a really odd shape that I’m not really fond of.  I’m also making a Roasted Red Pepper Cheese loaf.

Other things on the agenda today include putting together the other pasta dish, some light cleaning, picking up my race packet, shower, eat and RELAX!!!  (I hope …)

We started out the day with a fun breakfast –

Egg White & Not-Sausage Muffin Sammie (gotta get my extra carbs & protein today!)

For each sammie, I use two egg whites, a Morningstar Veggie Sausage Patty and TJ’s muffin.  I also slather mine with plain ol’ mustard.  I know, it sounds gross, but it’s really good!

We also split a strawberry Chobani with 1/2 banana and 1 strawberry each. 

I have finally depleted my fruit supply … time to go grocery shopping!

Gotta go work on my “to-do” list …

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