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Happy Friday!  I was reading an article this AM on RealAge.com regarding foods that help keep you calm.  I thought this information interesting enough to share given the upcoming hustle and bustle of the holiday season …

True comfort foods to nosh on during those stressful moments:

  • Berries – try rolling a frozen berry around in your mouth when tension tightens your jaw.  You won’t have the sugar-crash with berries, as you would, say M&M’s.  Berries also contain the important vitamin C which helps fight a jump in cortisol, a stress hormone.
  • Guacamole – stress quickly depletes your body of vitamin B, so scoop up some of this creamy treat, which is chock full of the essential vitamin.
  • Mixed nuts– walnuts will bring you vitamin B; Brazil nuts contain zinc, which is drained by high anxiety; and almonds boost vitamin E, which help fight cellular damage linked to chronic stress.
  • Oranges – more of the great vitamin C!
  • Asparagus– contains folic acid, a natural mood lightener.
  • Chai tea – it’s soothing aroma is enough to make any day a little brighter.
  • Dark chocolate – some situations beg for a little chocolate therapy, make it better by reaching for the dark, sultry kind – at least 70% cocoa.

This information was paraphrased from an article on RealAge.com.  For more information regarding this article, please click here.

What food do you reach for when you feel stressed?  Or maybe you don’t reach for food … what is your alternative?

For breakfast this morning …


A banana-stacked bowl of granola with TJ’s Pumpkin Butter, wheat berries, a sprinkle of wheat germ and vanilla soy

It’s a run day and I’m a bit bummed that the weather is so crappy – I would love to get lost outdoors today.  I don’t even think the chill would bother me, but I know the rain would.  So, off to the treadmill I go …

Enjoy your day!  Hopefully the sun is shining where you are!!


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