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Muesli Morning


This is the only one that really turned out clear enough … the others were all fuzzy!¬† Boo! ūüė¶


As you can see, I was pumping my fists in celebration of crossing the finish line!


On to this morning’s breakfast …

I pulled out the Bob’s Red Mill Muesli again.¬† Although it was wonderful, it just does not fill me up at all.¬† I made an extra batch for tomorrow’s breakfast, but I will probably just eat it as a snack.¬† The package states that one serving size is 1/4 cup.¬† For who???¬† A kid??¬† Certainly not enough for me!

I thought about eating that extra batch after I was done with my small bowl, but decided against it.¬† I’m going to go for a run and then I will make a yummy protein shake.¬† That normally fills any hunger¬†holes that I have until lunch.

I added a handful of Kashi cereal and a few extra raisins to my bowl –

Plus a sliced whole banana (thin and thick slices) was cooked in with the muesli.

Speaking of bananas, look at these adorable baby bananas I got for the girls’ snack today –

They are going to LOVE them!


Alright, I’m off to run like Forest Gump …

“Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows.”


Later people!


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Sunday Starter

Good morning!  I slept in a little later than normal today, which was great!  I feel well rested and ready to face the day.  

On my to-do list:

  • Menu planning for the week¬†
  • My regular trip to the grocery store
  • Some prep cooking for the week
  • Monster box for GOTR (I will show you later!)
  • Maybe a little shopping!¬† ūüėČ


I dug deep into the fridge today and out came¬†a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, loaded with rolled oats, wheat, rye, barley, flax, dates, raisins, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds and walnuts.

With all the goodies in the mix, I didn’t need to add much more than sliced bananas (1/2 cooked in and 1/2 on top), 1 tbsp. wheat germ and a little almond extract – which rocked my world this morning!¬† I think I will use almond extract way more often.¬† The aroma alone was awesome!!¬† Oh, I forgot about the coconut, which I sprinkled on at the last minute.

Here’s the final result …

I really enjoyed this warm breakfast and made a mental note to remember that we have it.  It needs to come back more often! 

I never made an effort to do any weight training yesterday after my run, so I am going to make some time for that today.¬† I also want to get in¬†a bike ride, but will wait for the sun to make it’s appearance first.¬†

Off I go … there’s a lot more to do than I thought!

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