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bbq chicken pizza roll-up

Hi people.  Hope your weekend has been fantastic.  It’s been a whole lotta basketball watching in this house.  Go ‘heels!  Woot woot. 

Let’s get down to bidness straight away …

First off, a housekeeping note – I’ve decided from here on out, my post titles will reflect the recipe inside.  This will make it easier for anyone needing to do a search of any particular recipe they’ve seen around these parts. 

Secondly, it was my fabulous right-hand gal’s birthday on Friday …

Happy Birthday, girl!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful friend!

We all went to dinner and then to see a friend’s band play.  She partied it up like a rockstar.  Way to do it to it, girl.  Loves ya!!

It’s a weekend full of birthday’s – today is my lil’ baby bro’s day …

Happy 27th, brother!

Happy 27th, brother!

Too cute to pass by ... Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Mom's so clever.  Ha!

Too cute to pass by ... Raggedy Ann + Andy. Mom's so clever. Ha!


Now to the real deal – the food.  Exciting, no??  About a month ago, I was browsing through one of my fav blog’s, Johnstone’s Vin Blanc, the brain child of the fabulous Jessica, and came across a recipe I knew I couldn’t pass up.  It had all the components of mine + Devin’s favorite go-to meal, BBQ Chicken Pizza.  This one had a little twist though – it was all rolled up …


BBQ Chicken Pizza Roll-Up



It looked so good that we dug right in.  When I finally realized I hadn’t taken a picture of the goodness inside, this is all that was left …



Piggy, piggy.  That’s what happens to pizza around here.  As for the recipe, I made a few modifications to Jessica’s version to suit our taste …


  • 1 ball of TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough, rolled-out into a square shape
  • 1/4 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1 1/2 cup cooked + shredded chicken breast, tossed in a small amount of BBQ sauce
  • Heaping 1/2 cup black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1/4 cup sliced onion
  • Heaping 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
  • Fat free cream cheese, cut into small cubes
  • Optional – egg white and sesame seeds


It’s pretty self-explanatory from here – spread BBQ sauce onto center of dough, place chicken over top, then beans, onions and cheeses.  Cut 1/2″ thick strips on both sides of dough and crisscross over one another. 

*Optional* Brush top with an egg white wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds. 

Bake in a 350 degree oven until dough is cooked.  Enjoy!


Time to get a move-on.  All my Sunday errands are a callin’.  Weekly menu, grocery shopping, basketball, basketball and more basketball.  Have a great day.


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Hello people.  How are you doing?  Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?  Hope so!  I decided to take a little breaky-break from the blogosphere this weekend.  Please don’t hate.  Sometimes it’s just for the greater good, ya know?!

Anywho, Happy Monday and Happy MLK Jr. Day!  A special day to start off this special week. 

I’m gonna give you a quick play-by-play of our main eats over the weekend.  So, here goes …

As mentioned on Friday, I whipped up one of our favorite meals for dinner –


BBQ Chicken + Black Bean Pizza 



We absolutely love pizza.  PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!!  This pie is hands down our favorite combination to put together at home.  It’s both sweet + savory.  A fantastic duo.  I could eat pizza every day.  I know I’ve said that about salad before and that still remains true.  So I’ll eat my healthy salad first and then have my pizza! 😉


On Saturday we headed to a friend’s house for game night and had to dine and dash for dinner.  Hence, no pics.  You didn’t miss much though … a big spinach salad with chicken and strawberries (YUM!) plus Annie’s Organic Shells + Cheese.  Not really my thang, but it worked in a pinch. 


I did, however, snap a picture of the two different types of hummus that I made to take along for us to nosh on later –

Black Bean Hummus (L) + Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (R)



Here’s the recipe that I have put together to make this no-guilt treat:

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus –

  • 1 can chickpeas, liquid reserved
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 roasted red pepper, cut into quarters

In a food processor, add chickpeas, olive oil, cumin, salt and red peppers.  Blend on low speed, gradually adding reserved liquid, until desired consistency is reached.

Black Bean Hummus

  • 1 can chickpeas, liquid reserved
  • 1/2 cup black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp. red pepper
  • Dash of hot sauce
  • In a food processor, add chickpeas, black beans, olive oil, cumin, salt, chili powder, red pepper and hot sauce.  Blend on low speed, gradually adding reserved liquid, until desired consistency is reached.

    **Note – I did not use any garlic in either recipe.  Feel free to add a clove, if you wish!**


    Sunday’s dinner was a craving that started last week.  When I was putting together the menu, it was the first thing down for the first night of the week –


    Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Avocado-Corn Salsa



    This was pretty easy to whip together since I bought pre-cooked shrimp at the grocery.  I made a marinade for the shrimp that included the following –

    • EVOO
    • White Wine Vinegar
    • Hot Sauce
    • Lime Juice
    • Crushed Red Pepper
    • S + P
    • Scallion

    I allowed the shrimp a good hour or so to soak up all the spicy goodness.  To heat it up, I simply poured everything in a skillet and brought it to a simmer for about 5 minutes. 



    Avocado-Corn Salsa –

    • 1 can Green Giant Southwestern Corn, drained
    • 1/4 cup chopped onion
    • 1 avocado, diced
    • 2 diced Roma tomatoes
    • 1 can beans, your choice, optional (I normally use black-eyed peas or extra black beans)
    • Juice of 1 lime
    • Dressing – olive oil, white wine vinegar, cumin, chili powder and red pepper

    Mix all ingredients together and chill for at least 2 hours.  Stir well before serving.


    Okey-dokey, beauties, I’m off to get my bum in gear.  Have a flippin’ fantastic day!

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    A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Foodbuzz asking me if I was interested in being a part of their new Featured Publisher Tastemaker Program.  My immediate answer … YEP.  Now, what is it?!

    The Tastemaker Program is the latest and greatest from Foodbuzz that will allow us to sample different goodies offered by the top-quality food producers in the food space.  I’m in … for sure. 

    I received my first sampling package in the mail today …




    It was packed with goodies from Cowgirl Chocolates.  Right off the bat, I was impressed by the care taken in packaging their mighty fine chocolates.  So pretty that I almost didn’t want to open the box.




    That’s where husband’s come in handy … they don’t care what the packaging looks like.  It’s what inside that matters.  When I told Devin that I wanted his “assistance” in reviewing these great chocolates, he had the pretty bow off before I could even blink.




    Then, he took his “assistance” duties even one step further by immediately popping the pretty metallic red-wrapped Raspberry Dark Chocolate truffle in his mouth.  The whole thing, folks.  He didn’t even bite me off a little bite so I could just have a taste. 

    So, since I have no idea what the Raspberry Dark Chocolate truffle tastes like, here’s his official review …

    It’s a little bit too sweet.


    Wow.  My guy should not quit his day job. 


    This is how the rest of our conversation went after that …


    Me:  Well, it’s chocolate, so it should be sweet.

    Him:  Yep, it’s a little bit too sweet.

    Me:  Ok, ok.  What about the raspberry flavor?

    Him:  Huh?

    Me:  The card said it was raspberry-flavored.

    Him:  Oh, yeah, it was good.


    At this point, I just stopped.  There was no point.  I remined myself that these babies were called Cowgirl Chocolates.

    So, we moved on to another flava … aqua-wrapped Double Dark Chocolate




    And it was just that … pure, rich dark chocolate.  Nothing fancy here, but still very good.  Chocolate always is, right?

    The final truffle we tried before we hid the box away in the pantry was the silver-wrapped Milk Chocolate.  Whoa.  This about knocked my socks off.  It was melt-in-your-mouth good and I allowed it to do just that.  I savored every bit of this one … which was only about 1/4 of it.  Devin ate the rest.  I can say with certainty that he’s a big fan of Cowgirl Chocolates.




    So far, the Milk Chocolate is the winner.  We’ll have more flavor-full reviews to come – we still have 6 pieces left.  I’ve already instructed Devin not to touch the box without my presence … these people were kind enough to send me their fancy chocolates and expect some semblance of a review.  We’ll see if my cowboy listens …



    D: Pizza with ff ricotta base, topped with romas, chicken, artichokes, black beans, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses



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    Taming The Beast

    Hola peeps.  I hope I’m not premature in saying this, but I think I finally found my “off” button.  I finally feel … well … FULL!  Hoo-ah!

    I didn’t do so bad the remainder of the afternoon … a Cookies ‘N Cream Builder’s Bar, several pieces of gum, water, water and more water, plus a couple samples at TJ’s.

    Since it was menu planning day, I worked in my favorite comfort food for dinner tonight, in hopes that it would help tame the beast …


    Chicken and Black Bean Pizza



    I once again used the whole wheat pizza dough from TJ’s and portioned it into four individual pizzas.  All were baked in a 425 degree oven for 15 minutes.  The remaining pies will be frozen for later use.

    The rest of the pizza went like this:

    • Shredded chicken
    • Black beans (which I pre-cooked earlier today)
    • BBQ sauce
    • Sliced onion
    • Reduced fat mozzarella cheese

    I popped our pizzas into the oven for an additional 10 minutes, plus broil time. 

    The crust was really good – crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Just the way I like it. 😀


    We also had a romaine salad with carrots, celery and cukes



    Devin is watching his beloved ‘Boys at the moment … yelling at the TV every other play.  Think I will retire to the bedroom for the evening, where I can relax in peace.  Given the right day, he can stress me out just by listening to him when he’s watching football.  Ha!

    Enjoy what’s left of this great weekend!

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    Halloween Happenings

    Happy Halloween!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

    I am really enjoying my time in Oklahoma!  It’s been so nice to sit back and relax, all while spending time with two of my favorite people … my parents! 🙂


    We did a lot of running around this morning … nothing too exciting, just putzing.  It was what Dad wanted to do though, so that was just fine with me.

    I will quickly catch you up on all of our great eats …

    Last night I made a fantastic Veggie Pizza

    The toppings included diced tomatoes/tomato sauce base, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, cheddar and Parmesan cheeses … it wasn’t completely veggie since I also added Canadian bacon slices.  I LOVE PIZZA!  Could eat it all the time!

    We also had a spinach and veggie salad on the side –


    My mom and I ended the evening with a great soak in their hot tub, star-gazing.  They live just outside of the town of Edmond – just far enough out to enjoy the rural pleasures (i.e. dark, clear skies), but still close enough to all the conveniences of city life.  To them, it’s perfect!  To me, well, it’s nice and peaceful, but I can’t imagine living without high-speed internet!  Ha!  How life can differ?!

    Our eats for the day were all very fall-themed.  We started out with Pumpkin Oats for breakfast –

    Topped with Grape Nuts for a little crunch and raisins.

    That held us over for most of the day, so we decided on a spinach salad for lunch –

    Topped with shredded chicken, broccoli, carrots, celery, chopped apple, raisins and sunflower seeds.  Mmm good!  I LOVE SALAD!  (We ate lunch out by the pool … ahh!  Did I mention that it was 80 degrees here today?!!)

    To celebrate the holiday and a birthday, I made Stuffed Acorn Squash for dinner –

    I will post the recipe one day next week when I get back home.  For now, here is everything that went inside:

    • Chopped onion, celery, green pepper and mushrooms
    • Quinoa
    • Shredded chicken
    • Mashed squash
    • Chopped walnuts
    • Sprinkle of Parmesan cheese

    It was quite tasty and VERY filling!  I forgot about the quinoa cooking, so it was a little overdone and lost it’s trademark crunch that I love, but it was still very good … and healthy!  Gotta love that! 🙂


    Now, don’t laugh at this next picture!  I had roughly one hour to put this beauty together while my dad was out running errands this afternoon –

    Don’t you love the walnut letters?!  The flavor of the cake was pumpkin spice with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  I used one box of reduced sugar vanilla cake mix, one can of pumpkin, one egg white, 2 tbsp. water, plus 1 tsp. each of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.  No oil at all and super moist!

    I hope everyone is having fun at Halloween parties tonight!  I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s posts and pictures.  See ya!

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    Lost & Found

    So, I ended up having quite a busy day … after 40 minutes with weights, I jumped in the shower and from there headed out on some errands.  I was home in time for a quick lunch and couldn’t find a thing that sounded tempting to my taste buds …

    I started with this –


    A heaping bowl of broccoli slaw with black beans, corn, jalapenoscarrots, ff feta, plain Chobani, hot sauce and pumpkin seeds on top.

    I enjoyed it, but it didn’t hit any spots … hmm … not sure what to have next … how about one of these – 



    I really made a mistake by trying to rush through lunch and not making myself a well-rounded meal.  I had to leave again right after eating, so I didn’t want a bunch of dishes to wash.  Lazy me. 😥


    Before I left for GOTR, I snacked on a bowl of Kashi with raisins and vanilla almond milk



    To please the husband, I planned one of his favorite meals for dinner …

    BBQ Chicken and Black Bean Pizza

    A while back, I purchased TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough, portioned it into 4 smaller balls, then rolled it into individual-sized pizzas.  I pre-baked all four crusts and used two of them that night.  The remaining two were frozen … until tonight.

    I warmed up both crusts in a 425 degree oven for 8 minutes.  Each pizza was topped with BBQ sauce, shredded chicken, black beans, sliced onions and mozzarella cheese.  Baked in the oven for 10 minutes, until cheese is melted, and VOILA!  Dinner is served!

    We also had a leafy green salad with broccoli slaw, carrots and cucumber

    Success!  For the first time since breakfast, I feel satisfied!  What was lost has now been found!

    I posed a question about breakfast habits this morning and wasn’t at all surprised to see your answers.  I already knew that you were all too brilliant and fantastic to go without your morning eats!  Kudos to you!

    “Never work before breakfast.  If you have to work before breakfast, get your breakfast first.”  ~ Josh Billings, American Humorist

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    Hi all!  So sorry for the super late post … I have good reason!  Tonight we went to see the performing arts show TRACES at the McGlohan Theatre in uptown Charlotte.  It was AMAZING!!  The five performers were absolutely fabulous!  Here is the description of the show from the Blumenthal Perfoming Arts Center‘s website:

    A bit of Cirque du Soleil combined with a bit of STOMP, the exuberant TRACES delivers a jaw dropping, how-do-they-do that experience. Featuring high-energy, high-risk urban acrobatics, TRACES combines incredible physical feats with music, song and dance to tell the story of five characters attempting to live life to the fullest, to leave their ‘traces’ on the world. The cast draws on wide-ranging skills, from dance and piano to traditional Chinese acrobatics to their own extraordinary hijinks using basketballs and skateboards. Poetic and explosive, funny and thoughtful, TRACES creates an experience that will surprise, awe and delight all ages at every turn. Created by Montreal’s The 7 Fingers, TRACES played to critical raves in New York last year and was a breakout hit at the Edinburgh Festival, the world’s largest arts festival.

    For those of you that live in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend going to see this great show, playing through November 16.  You will be glad that you did!


    Now to my afternoon/evening food …

    I was running errands this afternoon, so I grabbed an ol’ faithful for the road –

    It was just as delicious as always 😉


    We grabbed dinner before the show at the uptown Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza (the same place I grabbed a beer on Sunday – just a different location.) 

    Also, I should mention that in Charlotte, our downtown is known as uptown.  I guess that just the Queen City’s way of being hip and trendy???

    I ordered a repeat beer from Sunday – the Unibroue Ephemere.  It has such a hefty apple taste – lovin’ it!


    For dinner, Devin and I split a Mediterranean salad

    (Yes, that huge portion is half!)


    We also split the Roasted Chicken Caprese pizza with a whole wheat crust

    It was good, but a tad bit bland.  The description mentioned a sun-dried tomato pesto, but I didn’t notice any??  It was topped with chicken, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese.

    Despite the rain and the gloom, we had a great night on the town!  

    Sweet dreams 🙂

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