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Fabulous Finish

I DID IT!!  Wow … I am so hyped up and feeling fabulous right now!  I took part in my very FIRST triathlon today!  Everything about it was amazing!  It was the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon – a women-only tri geared towards the beginner.  The sprint event included a 250 meter swim, 9 mile bike and a 2 mile run.  It is one of the shorter triathlons approved by the USAT and it was a perfect choice for my first.

Here are my official times:

(These are in min:sec format)

  • Swim – 5:25
  • Transition 1 – 2:14
  • Bike – 29:03
  • Transition 2 – 1:22
  • Run – 17:42
  • Total time – 55:44

I decided not to personally time myself for the event because I wanted to (1) enjoy myself, (2) learn the ropes and (3) enjoy myself. 

Out of 568 women, I finished 122nd overall and 30th out of 163 in my novice category.  I actually did quite a bit better than I expected!  I was thinking it would take me just over an hour to finish. 

I think the realization that I was actually doing a TRIathlon hit me while I was swimming my little heart out – I still had a long ways to go … get out of pool, run to my bike while dripping wet, dress while dripping wet, ride while wet, rack bike, run, sweat, finish, cheer, smile! 

It was awesome to cross that finish line and feel the emotions take over me.  I can now cross this off my “Life’s To-Do List” … and there will be more to come! 

Well, the camera crapped out as Devin snapped the first picture … I forgot to charge the battery!  Whoops!  He was able to capture some pics with his camera phone, but I still need to get them transferred and downloaded.  I also have to make sure they are shareable … hee hee!  I was looking pretty rough!

Backing up a bit, my day started really, really early – I got up at 5:00 AM, but had been laying in bed awake since 4:15 AM.  It was like a lightbulb went off and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Poo.

Before I left, I ate a small bowl of granola with 1/2 banana plus an end-piece of toast with almond butter

The toast was super dry, but I put it down anyways – I needed the fuel.

Speaking of fuel, I brought along a Hammer Energy Gel just in case I needed a mid-race boost.  I didn’t think I would need it, but thought it would be better safe than sorry.  I didn’t end up using it – just grabbed a cup of cool H20 along the run route.

After I finished and we walked around all the different vendor tents, we made our way to the Flying Biscuit Cafe for my official breakfast.  Love that place – they have the best food!  I consumed a huge amount of calories for sure, but I loved every bite of it. 

I ordered the High Flyer, which consisted of the two scrambled eggs, two chicken sausage patties, a Flying Biscuit with apple butter (the best), creamy dreamy grits … yes, there’s more … one piece of french toast with raspberry sauce and honey creme.  Oink.

Truly creamy dreamy grits –

The out-of-this-world french toast –

(I even had to sneak a bite pre-picture!!)

I wish I had my camera so I could have captured just how wonderful this food looked … these were taken with Dev’s camera phone and didn’t do it the justice it deserved!


In just a bit I am going to meet some friends for a celebration drink and then I will be hitting the couch for the rest of the evening.  I don’t even have dinner planned for tonight … whatever we have will be light since we ate so much earlier.

I will be posting last night’s recipes under the “Recipes” tab very shortly!

Hope it’s been a great weekend for everyone!


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