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Hi there!  How are the people?  You won’t believe it when I tell you, but it’s freakin’ snowing here?!  I don’t mean a little snowflake here and there.  I’m talking about big, heavy, slap-you-on-your-face flakes that are coming down rather quickly.  We already have over an 1 1/2″ accumulated.  No work or school tomorrow.  That’s a given around these parts.  Play day for us!  😉

Actually, there’s plenty of work to be done around the house.  We need to get all packed up.  Packing, you say?  Moving?  Nope.  Donating old clothes to the Goodwill?  Nope, not that either.

So, I’ve kept it secret long enough and it’s time to spill … we’re leaving on a jet plane, just like the song.  Yep, that’s right.  Devin and I are headed to ARUBA on Wednesday for our 5th wedding anniversary!  I’m beyond excited!!  I’m ready to drive myself to the airport right now in hopes that waiting there will make Wednesday get here faster.  Ha!  

We have always been big travelers and have made it a point to take a vacation every year for our anniversary.  Some of our trips have been big … London and Paris … and some of our trips have been small … Wilmington, NC and Orlando, FL.  No matter where we go though, we always have a blast.  This trip, I’m sure, will be no exception.  It’s been a while since we gone to the Caribbean, so it’s already looking good.  The warm weather is definitely a plus.  The cold, fruity drinks a plus x 2.  Oh yeah. 

I’ve talked about the “chilly” and the “tropical”, so let’s get down to the chili.  We were lucky enough to have Devin’s fabulous parents over for dinner last night.  My plan was to whip up a warm, comforting meal that wouldn’t take up too much of my time in the kitchen.  Here’s how it turned out …

Smoky Turkey and Bacon Chili



Mixed Green Salad, Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges and Jalapeno Corn Bread



Yogurt Parfait with Bulgur, Cherries and Almonds



Recipes adapted from here, here, here and here.

You will find this unbelievable, but I stayed pretty close to the original recipes this time around.  I just didn’t find too much that needed to be changed.  For the chili, I used the usual lean ground turkey in place of the ground beef and subbed black beans for pinto beans.  As for the dessert, I just wasn’t totally convinced that bulgur, as fantastic as it is, belonged in our fruit and yogurt parfaits.  I went pretty skimpy when dishing out the grain. Maybe 1 tbsp. in each??  Overall, it tasted ok in there, but it really isn’t necessary.  I will definitely make these again, since it’s a light + tasty dessert, but it will be without the grainy goodness.  I think other frozen fruit would work as well.  Devin wasn’t digging the cherries, so maybe the next go round will be blackberries …

Alright, y’all, I’m pretty sleeps, so I think it’s time to hit the hay.  I hope you are doing well!  Enjoy the rest of your night.  Sweet dreams!


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Light ‘N Lively

If I could give just one piece of advice, it would go something like this …

When you are feeling sluggish, stressed, frazzled, razzled, draggy, craggy or just plain pooped … work out!  I swear it’s the miracle cure for anything that life throws at you.

I still had a headache at 4:00 today and I fought myself all the way to the elliptical machine.  I did it though.  I soldiered on through and by the time 35 minutes had gone by, I felt like my lively, energized self again.  Oh yeah.  Jazz hands.  😉


I wasn’t really all that hungry for dinner tonight (very strange, I know) so I decided to keep it on the lighter side –

TJ's Pomegrante Greek Yogurt with Kashi H2H and Pom Seeds

TJ's Pomegrante Greek Yogurt with Kashi H2H and Pom Seeds

TJ's Muffin with Almond Butter and Strawberry Jam

TJ's Toasted Muffin with Almond Butter and Strawberry Jam


Such a simple meal … I loved every minute of it!  It suited me quite well tonight.

I left shortly after dinner to meet up with my girlfriend, Kristy, for a glass of wine at the fun new wine bar I visited a few weeks ago.  We had a great time, catching up and chatting away. 

Now, I’m all tucked in bed, ready to get some shut-eye.  It’s been an eventful two days and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, reading the Sunday paper and catching up on my fav blogs!!

Nighty night!


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Hi all!  I am running so behind this morning … I’ve been having technical difficulties with the internet underground.  I am so far away from the knowledge of domain mapping, subdomains and so on.  I think I’ve messed everything up, so I’m waiting for Wordpress’ support to get back to me.  I’m sure they will be able to clear everything up!  If you are having trouble accessing my site … just bear with me for a bit! 

This has got to be a super quick post because I need to be out the door like five minutes ago!

For breakfast this AM, I decided to break away from my normal bowl and instead went with this –


A fantastic plate of waffles!  I toasted two Kashi waffles, topped them with a mixture of pumpkin/mashed banana (which I heated in the microwave for 30 seconds), plus honey Chobani, wheat germ and a sprinkle of granola.  This was such a fabulous breakfast that tickled my senses … it smelled good, looked good and tasted great!  Perfect for this mind-rattling morning!!

Gotta go!  I’ll see you tonight … oh, by the way, I have been tagged twice to list 7 interesting things about myself, which I will be posting this evening!

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All In A Day’s Work

Howdy!  I am currently at the office on call time … this afternoon I have an appointment, so it’s going to end up being a busy day.

This morning I started on a long-overdue project, dusting baseboards and the door moldings throughout the house.  I was able to finish the upstairs before I had to get ready for work.

Since I ate heavier foods last night, I was in the mood for a simple bowl of granola and sliced banana this morning –

I also added ground flax and wheat berries to the mix.  I love the wheat berries for the extra chewiness it gives to each bite.

I didn’t leave myself enough time to prepare a lunch to-go, so I’ve decided to enjoy several snacks as my lunch today … 

Snack #1 –

My favorite mix of vanilla yogurt with Kashi Heart 2 Heart, chopped mixed nuts, mini chocolate chips, wheat berries and TJ’s Pumpkin Butter.

Snacks #2 & 3 –

A perfect little apple (which I am snacking on as I type) and a chocolate chip Z-Bar (the best!!)

I need to get crackin’ on my menu for the week, so I can put together a grocery list.  My plan is to hit the store later this afternoon, after my appointment.  I would love to spend some time with the elliptical machine as well and I’m thinking I could squeeze that in right before dinner.  Oh my goodness, I need to finish the baseboards downstairs as well … maybe someone will have them done before I get home?!?  (Hint, hint!)  Busy day!

See ya!

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Tick Tock

Morning all!  I can’t believe in less than 24 hours it will be tri-time!  It seems to have gotten here so fast.  I am quite anxious and can feel some butterflies starting to churn.

I have quite a bit to do today to get ready for our dinner party, plus my early-morning departure tomorrow.  I have started to put together a list all the things I will need to bring with me for the race … wow, it’s getting quite lengthy!

This is what I have down so far …

  • Suit
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Race Number Belt
  • Towel
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt (in case it’s really chilly!)
  • Tank
  • Ball Cap
  • Bike – of course!  I don’t want to forget that!!!

I hope that’s it … I’m going to need a suitcase for everything I’m bringing!  Ha!

I am already working on our bread loafs for tonight’s meal – the Two-Seed Wheat loaf is rising in the bread maker at the moment.  I love using the bread maker to get things started and then I like to actually bake the bread in the oven.  The break maker gives the final product a really odd shape that I’m not really fond of.  I’m also making a Roasted Red Pepper Cheese loaf.

Other things on the agenda today include putting together the other pasta dish, some light cleaning, picking up my race packet, shower, eat and RELAX!!!  (I hope …)

We started out the day with a fun breakfast –

Egg White & Not-Sausage Muffin Sammie (gotta get my extra carbs & protein today!)

For each sammie, I use two egg whites, a Morningstar Veggie Sausage Patty and TJ’s muffin.  I also slather mine with plain ol’ mustard.  I know, it sounds gross, but it’s really good!

We also split a strawberry Chobani with 1/2 banana and 1 strawberry each. 

I have finally depleted my fruit supply … time to go grocery shopping!

Gotta go work on my “to-do” list …

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More Time Please

Dear Father Time – please stop for just a bit!  There is too much to do today and all I’ve accomplished is a gorgeous run! 🙂


I was planning on an afternoon run since I thought it was too cool outside this morning.  I learned that it was actually just my house that was chilly when I walked Devin out to his car and felt the warm sun on my skin.  I hurried back inside and put on my running gear.  As I was walking out the door, my wonderful husband called to tell me that I should go get gas (we are still having a shortage) before the lines start up for the weekend.  I agreed and grabbed my keys … it actually worked out great because after I got gas, I parked my car at the closest grocery store and ran from there.  It’s always good to get a change of scenery!

As I was running, I realized just how much I missed running this week.  I heart running!  I’m looking forward to more of it next week after all my tri training is done.

Anywho, here’s my lunch for today …

I guess this could be considered a quesadilla, but it wasn’t at all in the classic form.  I stuffed the whole wheat tortilla with the leftover 1/2 sweet potato from lunch yesterday, leftover shredded chicken, black beans and a drizzle of Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing.  I folded the tortilla in half and popped it into the 350 degree oven for 15 minutes (flipping halfway.)

It was a lot better than I expected!  I think the honey mustard did the trick!  I’ll have to remember that one … great combo of flavors. 

I also had some raw veggies sprinkled with S&P – carrot, celery and tomato

I was also craving yogurt, so I went with a Vanilla Chobani with Kashi and raisins.  It was a great way to wrap up my meal.  Just enough sweet!

Ok, I have to get my bum into gear … this morning we invited some friends over tonight for GAME NIGHT!  So much fun!!  I’m planning to make a taco pizza for us to munch on.

Have a good afternoon!

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Working Lunch

As you may already know, I am a real estate agent with the Allen Tate company.  I work mainly from my house, but my license is hung at a branch office very close to where we live.  All agents in our office are assigned a number of shifts every month where we take “call time”, which allows us the opportunity for walk-in or call-in leads.

That is what I am doing at the office today from 11:30 – 3:00.  This is my least favorite shift since it falls during the time I would normally eat lunch.  We aren’t really allowed to eat right at the front desk, but rather in our kitchen area, away from any clients entering/leaving.  I always disregard this and eat at the desk anyways – shame on me!!  I just can’t deal with anything coming between me and my food!  When I stand in the kitchen area, I can’t see the front door very well, so I always worry about getting caught with my mouth full.  Sitting at the desk allows me to see people outside and I can quickly hide my food if I need to.  I know, I’m bad!! 😳


My good lunch today (in a bad spot) consisted of the following:

  • Shredded turkey (leftover from Saturday night’s dinner) in a whole wheat wrap with lite honey mustard dressing, avocado slices and romaine lettuce
  • Carrot sticks
  • Heaping 1/2 cup plain Chobani with 1/4 cup pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and 3/4 cup Kashi cereal

All together –

It was the perfect combination to fill me up and, I suspect, will keep me satisfied throughout the rest of my time at the office.

Which is another gripe that I have … for some reason, being in this office always makes me STARVING!  Whenever I’m here I always think that I am hungry, even when I’m not.  Must be some psychological thing – maybe it’s because I’m not used to sitting for such a long period of time and I get bored?!? 

See ya for dinner!  We are having one of our favorite meals tonight …

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